Puft Plush Tips

Important Puft Care Instructions

To ensure the longevity and optimal sound making of your newly adopted Puft plush, if it does not fart easily when you first squeeze it, the internal valve is likely obstructed by the tail from shipping or storage.

If after a few gentle two handed squeezes to warm it up, it’s still not making farts, please do not ever try to force air by squeezing the device harder, or forcing air. You risk rupturing the internal flap that makes the sounds. You should not have to squeeze hard after positioning the tail correctly once.

If your newly adopted Puft Plush is having a tough time making its signature sounds, here are some tips on how to get your Pufts butt singing…er…farting. We’re going to make a little video with examples in the future but for now here’s some text instructions before that’s ready.

A Few Gentle Squeezes for New Pufts

If your Puft is not farting right out of the bag or squeaking more than farting, it may just need to warm up with a few gentle squeezes. Use both hands and squeeze gently a few times if its brand new or been unused for a while, but if after 3 or 4 it’s not farting, there’s a chance the tail fabric needs to be adjusted when you first get it. 

Tail Adjustment

When we get the Pufts shipped to us, many are in packed into a box and the insides can get squished up and misaligned causing the tail fabric to slightly impede the noise maker. Once set correctly, you should only have to do this once and your Puft will be in top top farting condition. 

Step 1: Straighten tail and try. This may fix your issue.

The first thing to try is to simply hold the Puft by its tail in one hand to elongate it and try squeezing with the other hand while you’re holding it up by the tail. You will probably hear it fart in this position, simply let go and see if it’s fixed. Once you release it if it’s still not farting without extending the tail no worries, proceed to step 2. 

Step 2: Recess the mechanism deeper into the plush 

Since the product is soft the entire mechanism may be sticking too far out due to shipping squishage. Push the entire internal device from the butt towards the mouth of the plush so the noise maker flap in the tail has the most clearance possible in the baggiest part of the tail. Once you’ve done this try again gently. If you’re not good yet, head to step 3.

Step 3: feel to make sure the noise maker flap doesn’t feel twisted, gently turn and try in 10 degree increments

If your Puft is still not making noise every squeeze reliably, or is squeaking instead of farting, you may have to make sure the noise maker flap isn’t twisted from shipping inside the tail. Try and feel where the flap is to ensure it’s flat in tail. You can also feel the base firm plastic part of the valve and gently twist the entire device in 10 degree increments and try again.  

All set!

Your Puft should be farting away now and not need this adjustment again with normal handling. If the tail ever gets squished up from storage or playing with the tail and has stopped farting or is only letting out little squeaky farts, simply follow these steps again. Once corrected the Puft should fart reliably every single squeeze!

Remember, to protect the longevity of the internal device do not try to force air to make it work by slapping it, striking / clapping it or sitting on the Puft. 

If your Puft still isn’t farting, try these methods a few times from the top of the list. We have not found one we can’t get going yet, but some need more adjustment the first time than others.  If you’re still having trouble feel free to contact us at indiebox@kleientertainment.com and we can assist with getting your Puft’s butt in tip top shape.