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Don’t Starve: Special Edition Blue Cotton Candy Chester

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A special edition cotton candy blue fur variant of Chester sporting tangerine feet and blue trim on his eye bone.

While producing our last order of classic Chester we found some sweet blue fur! We have a small supply of this special Cotton Candy fur, but if we find more during a future order we may make a few more.

Blue Cotton Candy Chester Features

  • Special Edition blue Fur!
  • Custom Cotton Candy color hang tag
  • From horns to his feet, Chester is 11” tall and he sits 9” wide.
  • His Eye Bone is 8” tall and fits inside his mouth storage.
  • For materials, we’ve selected ridiculously soft high grade faux-fur for his body.
  • His feet, tongue and horns are made from soft plush material and include durable embroidered accent stitching.

Special Edition VS Limited Edition

What’s Special Edition?
Rare, but might appear as a re-release later if we can make more.

What’s Limited Edition?
Incredibly rare. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. We won’t make any more.

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