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Don’t Starve: Deerclops Plush

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One of the most fearsome foes in Don’t Starve is now an adorable cuddle buddy. Featuring insanely soft fur and wire reinforced poseable arms and legs, this 12″ tall Deerclops plush will wreak winter havoc on your heart. D’awwww.

Deerclops Plush Features

  • From horns to his feet, Deerclops is roughly 12” tall.
  • For materials, we’ve selected ridiculously soft high grade faux-fur for his body.
  • His feet and horns are made from soft plush material and include durable embroidered accent stitching.
  • Includes full color hang tag!
  • Includes a bonus digital item code for Don’t Starve Together!

Note About Bonus Digital Codes: Codes are non-transferable and not intended for resale. More information about proof of purchase codes can be found here.

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