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Don’t Starve: Spider Plush (White) V2.0

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Spider Plushies are BACK and better than ever. The new 2.0 version features a newly designed voice box that’s much easier to trigger and open up to replace batteries!

Deep within the caves of Don’t Starve lurks the Dangling Depth Dweller. This Special Edition white cave spider plush features a removable voice box that when pressed plays 1 of 4 spider hissing sounds pulled from the game’s audio. This creepy crawler also includes wire reinforced legs that can be posed.

NOTE ABOUT SPIDER PLUSH SCRATCH OFF CODES: When you receive your Spider Plush, please take care to scratch off the Digital Item Code carefully. Be very gentle with Spider Plush scratch off codes when redeeming your item. The grey scratch off paint cured stronger than anticipated.

If you have trouble reading or scratching your code we can help. Please email and include your order#, a photo of the tag code, and a typed version of as much as you can read and we will attempt to verify and send you the complete confirmed code. Apologies for any legibility issues this will be resolved for future orders.  

Special Edition Dangling Depth Dweller Plush Features

  • Dimensions: 6″ tall x 9.0″ wide
  • Special Edition White “Dangling Depth Dweller” fur!
  • Makes 4 hissing sounds when squeezed!
  • Removable voice box V 2.0 (Improved design for durability and easier replacement battery removal!
  • Long shaggy plush fur body & Microplush legs.
  • Custom printed Don’t Starve polybag!
  • Improved V2.0 Stylable / combable body hair. Bendable / poseable wire reinforced legs.
  • Full color hang tag with a unique White Spider Bug Net digital item for Don’t Starve Together!

Note: Photo of plush hanging was achieved using a standard office paper clip clamp and white string.

Special Edition VS Limited Edition

What’s Special Edition?
Rare, but might appear as a re-release later if we can make more.

What’s Limited Edition?
Incredibly rare. Once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. We won’t make any more.

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