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Don’t Starve: Glommer Plush

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What’s that fuzzy figure dancing through the sky in the pale light of the full moon? It’s the super soft and horrendously huggable Don’t Stave Glommer Plush! This Glommer plush features a super elastic bungee cord to keep him bouncing through the air, poseable wire reinforced wings, and glossy button eyes. Each Glommer Plush includes a unique digital item redeemable in Don’t Starve Together! Available only in the official Klei Store.

Glommer Plush Replica Features

  • Dimensions: 10” tall X 13” wide.
  • Includes a unique digital item code for Don’t Starve Together!
  • Features glossy, hard plastic eyes.
  • Super soft-n-shaggy plush fur body and head.
  • Wire reinforced poseable wings.
  • Super elastic bungee cord to display or bounce him!

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