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Don't Starve

Don't Starve: Calico Chester Plush Replica V2.0

Don't Starve: Calico Chester Plush Replica V2.0

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Calico Chester is back! Now with new V2.0 improvements to Chester's ability to hold his shape naturally, the fur grade and colour matching to make this our best Chester ever. Chester is a furry and loyal friend from the game Don't Starve! Featuring fully functional mouth storage for your everyday inventory items. You'll also get a full sized plush Eye Bone accessory to take on all your adventures together.

Calico Chester Features

  • Chester is 10” tall from his horns to his feet, and sits 7.5” wide.
  • His Eye Bone is 7” tall and fits inside his mouth storage.
  • Soft high grade faux-fur for his body and special gold embroidery on his feet.
  • His feet, tongue and horns are made from soft plush material and include durable accent stitching.
  • Features new and improved V 2.0 stitching that improves Chester's ability to hold his shape naturally.
  • Custom printed Don't Starve polybag!
  • Includes bonus digital item " Calico Chester Chest" for Don't Starve Together! Redeemable here:
Note About Bonus Digital Codes: Codes are non-transferable and not intended for resale. More information about proof of purchase codes can be found here.
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