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Don't Starve

Don't Starve: Mandrake Plush

Don't Starve: Mandrake Plush

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Everyone needs that rare friend that will stick by their side and cheer them on from dusk until dawn. With the Don’t Starve Mandrake plush, you can have that friend! The Mandrake plush features a removable voice box that plays the Mandrake melody when squeezed, wire reinforced posable plush leaves, and an embroidered face on a plush corduroy body.

Mandrake Plush Features

  • Dimensions: 13” tall X 7” wide.
  • Sings the mandrake MEEP song when squeezed.
  • Removable voice box with changeable batteries!
  • Digital printed, wire reinforced poseable leaves.
  • Plush corduroy body with embroidered mandrake face!
  • Bonus digital item code for Don't Starve Together!
Note About Bonus Digital Codes: Codes are non-transferable and not intended for resale. More information about proof of purchase codes can be found here.
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