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Don't Starve

Soft Spots: Meep, Wilson, Sal, and Hazard

Soft Spots: Meep, Wilson, Sal, and Hazard

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Soft Spots are a line of character plushies from our games. Each plush has a bean bag weighted body allowing them sit freely on their own!

Every plush comes with their own magnetic accessory which can be held in either hand, or even swapped to another plush. There is Wilson with a Torch from Don't Starve, Meep with a Dig Tool from Oxygen Not Included, Sal with two Daggers from Griftlands, and Hazard with a Lollypop from Hot Lava. The magnets in each hand have inverted polarization, so if you put the plushies close together, they can hold hands!

BUNDLE and SAVE: $15 USD discount on any 4 Soft Spots and $30 USD off when you buy 8 Soft Spots!

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