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Oxygen Not Included

Oxygen Not Included: Farting Puft Plush

Oxygen Not Included: Farting Puft Plush

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The Puft Plush is a must-have for Oxygen Not Included fans looking for a fun and unique addition to their collection. This soft and cuddly replica plush is based on the popular character from the game, the Farting Puft. This plush has a custom-designed internal mechanism that creates the distinctive fart sounds that add to its charm.

Puft Plush replica details

  • From trunk to its mouth, the Puft is 11” long and he sits 7” tall.
  • To create the fart sounds, the internal mechanism is a custom designed industrial grade self inflating bladder.
  • For materials, we’ve selected ridiculously soft high grade faux-fur for his body.
  • The tongue is made from a wet looking shiny vinyl, the spine tufts are soft high grade long pile faux-fur.
  • The three eyes are stuffed and accented with embroidered stitching.

The Puft Plush is perfect for snuggling or displaying on a shelf, and is sure to add a touch of fun and whimsy to any collection. Order your Puft Plush today and experience the joy of having your very own Farting Puft!

This Plush comes with Klei Rewards Points! Once you get your Puft Plush, scratch the tag and redeem a secret code to collect your points.

Want to learn more? Check out the original Kickstarter which brought this unique Farting Puft to life!

Note: If your Puft is a bit shy and is not able to fart please follow our Puft Plush Tips.


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